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We believe changing energy sources from dirty fossil fuels to clean renewable energy will have a substantial, positive impact on the climate for people now and in the future.

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1. Switch from Dirty to Clean Electricity

We'll help you switch your electricity
source to 100% clean power

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2. Maximize Your Clean Electricity

Next, we'll make your clean
electricity super-efficient

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3. Do Life on 100% Clean Energy

Track the progress of your path to a
clean energy lifestyle

Learn about your clean energy options
Solar 101
Confused about solar? Here’s everything you need to know.
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Can't go solar?
No problem! Anyone with an electric bill can use clean wind power.
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Get efficient!
It’s easy to save with LEDs, smart thermostats, and more.
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How Sue Got to 100%
Sue wanted to get her family onto clean energy. But where to start?
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“The MyDomino concierge service is exactly what I needed! I wanted to go solar, but I wasn't sure if it made sense. My concierge, Amy, made it easy.”


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Mike W.

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“I’ve been thinking about switching to clean energy for years, but actually doing it was daunting. Thank goodness for MyDomino!"


Susan P.

Weston, CT

“What an amazing resource for anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint! I was really impressed. I highly recommend MyDomino.”


Chris K.

Palm Bay, FL