“This is awesome. Why doesn’t everybody do this?”

That’s what our CEO, Stephen Torres, said when he looked at MyDomino’s power bill one day. He doesn’t check the bill every month. So he hadn’t realized what was happening.

More people, less power

MyDomino had been growing. That means we had more people in our office this year than we did last year. And that means more laptops running, more lights being turned on, more of us using the printer and other office equipment, more people using hot water.

Yet our electricity usage had gone down. So our electric bill had also gone down.

How did that happen?

Less power, more savings

Stephen was surprised, to say the least. Not only did we have more people in the office, but we were also paying a bit more for our electricity.

As he put it, “Most people think that when you switch to a clean power plan, it’s going to cost you more.”

Of course, when you switch to solar power — or even shared solar — you can expect to save. And some clean power plans won’t cost you anything extra.

But Stephen was talking about a premium clean power plan like the one we have, which can run you a few dollars extra per month.

Stephen Torres

Where did the savings come from?

So, how did we save at MyDomino?

The answer is simple, and it’s something everyone can do. We combined our clean electricity with other clean-energy actions:

  • We installed a Nest smart thermostat. Our heating system isn’t electric (though if we owned our building, we’d get an electric heat pump!), but it does have an electric fan in it, and that doesn’t run as often now.
  • We upgraded our lighting to LED bulbs. That can save a surprising amount of energy — and money.
  • We added smart power strips throughout our office, to vanquish the vampire power.
  • Here’s a big one: We switched the water heaters in our kitchen and bathrooms to on-demand. If we owned our building, we would have switched to an even better electric heat pump for our water. But even so, this saved us because our old water heater ran 24/7, whereas this one heats water only when we need it.

Our experience shows the power of combining clean-energy actions. For example, you can save with an electric car even if you power it with the electricity you have now. But if you charge it up with clean solar power, you’ll multiply your savings. The same thing happens when you pair solar power and electric heat pumps. The list goes on …

How much are we saving?

Because we’re renting our office, we can’t save as much as if we owned our building. Still, considering that we’ve grown and are paying a small premium for clean power, it’s impressive to see any savings at all.

Our savings at MyDomino came to 10% over our electric bills from last year. That’s right — we saved 10% on our bills, even though we’re paying a premium for 100% clean electricity!

We’re pretty stoked about saving money with clean energy!

We’re even more stoked that we’re saving more than just money. Our clean power use is having a real impact on the environment. In just months of using clean energy in our office, here’s the impact we’ve had:

MyDomino Clean Impact

It’s easy to switch!

What does Stephen think about clean power now? “Everybody should do it,” he says. It wont just save you money — it’s also quick and simple make the switch to clean power.

“I was surprised at how easy it was,” says Stephen. “There was nothing at all complicated about switching to clean energy.”

In fact, many of us MyDomino employees have also switched to clean energy in our houses and apartments.

You can make the switch in your own home — whether you rent an apartment or own a house! Contact a MyDomino energy savings concierge to see how you can start powering your life with clean energy.