Do you have solar panels on your roof? If so, you’re one in a million! A million solar installations in the U.S., that is.

We recently reached this major milestone. A million solar installations. If you’re not one of those with a solar-powered home, now would be a great time to join in.

By the time you’re reading this, who knows how much higher the number will be. Solar is growing fast.

It took our country 40 years to reach this milestone. But at the rate solar’s growing, it will take us only two more years to reach our second million.

That’s something to celebrate

There’s a lot to celebrate when it comes to solar power! So, celebrate is what we’re going to do. And you can be part of it.

Million Solar Strong is a public celebration we can all take part in.

During the week of May 3, people across the country will be celebrating this amazing achievement with in-person and virtual events, traditional and social media, and of course, selfies. It’s a chance for everyone to help spread the message that clean solar power is here to stay.

How to be part of the May 3 celebration

It’s easy to join the Million Solar Strong party! Here are a few ways you can participate:

  • Click here to join the social media Thunderclap planned for May 3. This is an easy way to engage on social media and spread the good solar word in a big way.
  • You can also download these printable signs and use them to take photos and videos over the next few days. Then make sure to upload them to social media with the hashtag #MillionSolarStrong. All the photos and videos will be collected in a big public album, which you can be part of — and enjoy your 15 minutes of solar fame!
  • Tell your friends about the celebration. Email them or post on social media with the hashtag #MillionSolarStrong. Let’s make sure solar is trending!

You can find more resources at

How to be part of a million solar roofs

If you don’t have solar yet and want to get in on the party, contact a MyDomino energy savings concierge. Your concierge will find you the best deals, explain your financing options, and help you through the whole process of going solar.

If you can’t put solar on your own roof, you can still join in! With community solar, you can use clean solar power from panels installed somewhere else in your community. If community solar isn’t offered in your area, you can still sign up for a clean power plan and know that your electricity is generated from clean, renewable sources.

This is one party we’re all invited to!